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Words about Being Alive is a F***ing Nightmare...

'Being Alive Is A Fucking Nightmare is such a fantastic second EP release from Broken Dreams Club. Aside from endless infectious melodic hooks and shameless lyrics slating ex-lovers, these four tracks have some real substance, making you feel Amy Bevan‘s raw and true emotions every step of the way.' - Distorted Sound Magazine

'Not only does its title nail the overall mood of life in general, but it also houses a soundtrack that makes this nightmare feel a little better.' - Dead Good Music

Words about The Party EP...

'Writing about relationships and the wondrous rollercoaster of emotions they can bring, the EP is a treasure trove of relatability that you could seek solace in time and time again.' - Dead Good Music

'If all Amy's music sounds this special, membership of this Broken Dreams Club is heading through the roof.' - For The Rabbits

'Strikes a chord that we have all felt, of feeling like an outcast and trying your best to fit in.' - Neck Of The Woods

''The Party donde analizia minuciosamente los sentimientos más irrefrenables.' - Mindies

''Zuckersüß geht's los. So mag ich meine Popmusik.' -

''Amys traurigschöne Lieder verteilen sich auf fünf Tracks mit einer Gesamtspieldauer von nur ca. 15 Minuten. Leider viel zu kurz.' -

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