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Hands up if you've ever said one or even all of the following:

   •    I will never feel this way ever again.
   •    I wish I'd never met (asshole)
   •    How could you do this to me?
   •    Was it my fault, did I deserve this?

If you have, you're going to get along with Amy just fine. Her dreams and her heart have been broken (more than once), but instead of giving up, she started the Broken Dreams Club. And now she's inviting you to join. Pool Party is the lead single from The Party EP, released on limited edition cassette and all streaming services by Cologne based Intersphere Records on 14 May 2021.

Broken Dreams Club - you're all welcome

What nice people have said about Amy:

'Lyrics which cut straight through your heart.' - Narcissist Apocalypse Podcast

'It's like the music to a cool movie, but a sad movie starring Paul Rudd, but his life isn't going the way it's supposed to.' - The Hard Times

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