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broken dreams club - bio

Lonely bedroom project turned legitimate real life live band - Broken Dreams Club are named after an EP released by the band Girls in 2010. Amy (singer/songwriter/producer) sought permission to use the name from Christopher Owens. He replied to her request on Twitter by saying ‘go for it’. Amy has been releasing music on Cologne based Intersphere Records since 2021 with EPs 'The Party EP' and ‘Being alive is a fucking nightmare’ both released on limited edition cassette tape as well as streaming everywhere. 

2024 sees the release of ‘why would something good happen’ the bands third EP available on limited edition cassette tape from 16th of February. Preceded by single ‘you can’t delete me’ - An indie ‘I will survive’ for anyone who’s ever been made to feel like they weren’t important, told to be quiet or that they didn’t matter. Sing along, join the club and celebrate your place in the world. Broken Dreams Club are here to say, I see you, you matter and we will not be deleted. 

'Endless infectious melodic hooks and shameless lyrics slating ex lovers...raw and true emotions every step of the way.' - Distorted Sound 

'Lyrics which cut straight through your heart.' - Narcissist Apocalypse Podcast

'It's like the music to a cool movie, but a sad movie starring Paul Rudd, but his life isn't going the way it's supposed to.' - The Hard Times

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