Broken Dreams Club make melodic, upbeat electronic indie music, contrasted sharply with sad lyrics about heartbreak, lost love and the human condition. Creating a place where broken hearts can find some company.

After three years playing bass and singing harmonies for Bristol’s The Travis Waltons, Amy decided to focus solely on her own project Broken Dreams Club. Named after an EP released by the band Girls in 2010, Amy sought permission to use the name from Christopher Owens. He replied to her request on Twitter by saying ‘go for it’. He hasn’t subsequently responded to any other tweets but Amy remains a huge fan.

While on tour in Germany in 2019, Amy caught the attention of Intersphere Records, based in Cologne, who asked if she would like to work together. In response she wrote and recorded 'The Party EP' out now on limited edition cassette as well as all streaming platforms.

Amy’s other credits include a featured vocal on Citizen Tim’s most recent album ‘C is for Chaos/Control’ released on Midsummer Records in 2020.  

'Lyrics which cut straight through your heart.' - Narcissist Apocalypse Podcast

'It's like the music to a cool movie, but a sad movie starring Paul Rudd, but his life isn't going the way it's supposed to.' - The Hard Times